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Important Announcements
New Website Public Beta Test live
The public beta test of our new website is now live and available for review. To reach the site, use the "New Website Public Beta Test" button in the left menu on this site.

Outage for Galena camera site until Sept. 27, 2014
A new roof is being installed at the Galena camera site facility. The cameras will be unavailble until Sept 27, 2014. Thank you very much for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience of this extended outage.

The camera information contained on this website is a designated FAA supplementary product. Camera images are generally updated every 10 minutes. The time of the last update is indicated on each image. Current site conditions may differ from displayed images due to a variety of reasons; i.e., rapidly changing conditions, image update frequency, optical distortion, etc. As a supplementary product, these images may only be used to improve situational awareness. They may not be used to comply with regulatory requirements; e.g., to determine weather minimums for IFR flight. METAR information is provided for planning purposes only. It is recommended that you contact a Flight Service Station for a complete pilot weather briefing and all pertinent NOTAM information by dialing 1-800-WX-BRIEF (992-7433).